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Baked apples with our coconut pudding
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Rodgers' Puddings

A picture showing that our puddings are ready to cooking required.

to eat

Its a image showing that our puddings are available in 4 oz, 16 oz and 5 pood food service tubs.
It's a picture showing that our puddings may satisfy one's sweet cravings.

Available in 4 oz.,16 oz, and
5-pound Food Service tubs

Satisfies sweet cravings, with none of the guilt

Its a picture showing that our puddings are kosher certified.


Its a picture showing that our puddings are a good source of protein and calcium.

Good source of Protein & Calcium

Its a picture showing that our puddings can easily be made into other dishes for social events.

A popular dish at social events

Its a picture showing that our puddings are made with organic milk.


Our banana pudding filling is vanilla-based. Why? Because this is how my momma used to make hers. So to make a banana pudding dessert, add sliced bananas and vanilla wafers. 


Coconut tarts with strawberries made with our Coconut Pudding
16 oz Banana Pudding Filling Image
16 oz Coconut Pudding Image
16 oz Rodgers' Chocolate Pudding Image
16 oz Mango Pudding Image
4-oz-Banana-Pudding-Filling Image
4-oz-Mango-Pudding Image
4-oz-Coconut-Pudding Image
4-oz-Chocolate-Pudding Image


Coconut Pudding over top of Waffle/Strawberries/Bananas

Elizabeth T.

This is by far, hands down the best pudding I have ever had. Everything about it is excellent, the flavors, the texture, the quality, I just can't say enough. This is what pudding is suppose to be like!

smores in a jar made with our Chocolate Pudding

Katherine M.

The banana pudding [filling] is the real deal. The pudding barely made it to it's destination!

Skinny Pina Colada made with our Mango Pudding

Cassie K.

Added a scoop of this to my smoothie this morning - definitely the BEST smoothie ever! Coincidence??
Keep pushin' your puddin!

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