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My Mom, Polly Picture

My mom, Polly

About Reggie

My story started when I was a little boy growing up in Holly Springs, Mississippi. I loved banana pudding and still do love banana pudding.


So as a child, I waited impatiently while my mom, Polly, stirred the filling so I could lick the bowl. 


Fast forward a few decades later while stationed on the West Coast in the Navy, I went all over the city seeking banana pudding.

When I couldn't find any, I called my Mom to get her recipe. Consequently, I became known as the Banana Pudding Man.

For every function at most of my duty stations, people wanted and expected me to bring a banana pudding. 

I retired from the Navy in 2003. In 2008 my youngest daughter, Gin-Gin, suggested that we start a banana pudding business.


At first I thought that the idea was far-fetched because the bananas would turn brown and the cookies would turn soggy.


However, she explained that we should bottle only the filling.

In order to show ourselves approved, step by step, we learned the food industry and here we are today.  


We have added to our product line other pudding flavors  inspired by my travels. We also have now a pudding-inspired merchandise line. 


Even though my mom passed prior to starting the business, now as a 26-year Navy veteran, I carry on my mom's legacy..thanks Mom. 

Younger picture when I was in Navy

Reggie Rodgers

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